At Bernardi Wilson Insurance, we provide insurance services for everything from automobiles to wholesale distributors. For six years, we have served as the Scranton, PA area full-service insurance provider that offer quality insurance solutions. Regardless of what type of insurance you are seeking, our goal is to help you get the protection you want and need.

Whether you prefer insurance coverage for liability or physical damage, we will guide you through the decisions, provide affordable insurance rates, and then assist you with the entire insurance policy process. We pull it all together into an insurance policy for you that is designed to be economical and functional. With our vast knowledge and experience in the industry, we understand all the specific details that need to be consider as part of your insurance policy, giving you the coverage you need.

To give your auto, home, or business the insurance you want, getting to know you and your lifestyle and property is vital. Our insurance agents utilize their worldly knowledge, providing experience in understanding Scranton seasonal patterns to make sure you get insurance that protects your home or business against adverse weather. Our clients typically live hectic lifestyles, and we work endlessly to making their insurance coverage project as stress-free as possible.

Our staff applies their years of experience in the industry to create reasonably priced, customized insurance policies for every client. The development of an easily accessible insurance market has created easy access to major insurance carriers from around the world. Even though we work with the biggest names in the insurance industry, we represent and work with your best interest at heart, not the big insurance companies.

When deciding on a Scranton, PA auto, home, and business insurance company, it is important to use insurance agents that will get the job done right the first time. Bernardi Wilson Insurance is that Scranton, PA insurance company. We have been providing automobile, residential and commercial insurance with individualized solutions that are accurate and economical. We want the insurance policy we create for you to give you full protection. You shouldn’t have to wait until you suffer some sort of loss to find out that you didn’t have the insurance coverage you needed.

Our expert staff guides you through each stage in the insurance coverage project, from the conceptual plans to the finished project, offering recommendations along the way. Whether it is a new insurance policy or it is updating an existing one, we handle every detail. Our insurance services and insurance products will make you feel like you made the right choice with Bernardi Wilson Insurance.

We pride ourselves on surpassing the focus of individualization by offering insurance coverage that correlate with your requirements and provide effective solutions. We take the time to understand your individual needs and apply them throughout the entire insurance protection process. We create an insurance policy for you that protects you for a lifetime.

Our insurance services depict a dedicated group of insurance agents who rely heavily on their professional knowledge, savvy expertise, and advanced experience to give their clients what they are looking for. We work passionately within our field to offer the best service available in the Scranton, PA area insurance coverage market. Consider us for your insurance protection needs!

We are a Scranton, PA insurance company that can give your apartment, apartment complex, restaurant, boat, or RV liability and physical damage protection. We are devoted to offering insurance that will give you confident and contentment. With our many years of experience, our firm has earned national recognition for providing Scranton residents with effective insurance protection.

We are well-known in the insurance industry for offering a fresh, energetic approach to the insurance coverage process. We believe in the concept that insurance has no boundaries and limitless possibilities. We create an open and dynamic work environment where our insurance agents stay up-to-date on the latest information on auto, home, commercial, retail, and boat insurance coverage. With our clients, we foster an intimate connection, where each insurance coverage project becomes a distinct reflection of exactly what you need in insurance coverage.

Whether you want to get insurance for your dorm room, or you want to change Scranton, PA insurance companies, or you want to get insurance for your newest little family member, we offer professional insurance consultation services at reasonable prices. One of the many things we enjoy doing as an insurance company is helping you get the protection you need. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner, a large corporation, or you are just a Scranton, PA resident looking searching around for auto insurance quotes, you’ve come to the right place.

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We respect partnerships, and we only work with highly-qualified, honest insurance carriers so that you can feel confident with us and the insurance policy we provide to you. We value you and your business, and we look forward to managing your insurance coverage request. Schedule a consultation with us today!

At Bernardi Wilson Insurance, we focus on working closely with each client to come up with the ideal insurance policy that is in tune with his or her lifestyle and budget. We take great pride in approaching each insurance coverage project in a way that is real and unpretentious. We believe that the pathway to fostering great relationships is to be intuitive to our clients. Our staff goes the extra mile to be your friend before, during and after putting your insurance policy together. We look forward to helping you get the insurance for your auto, home, or business that you desire.

For every insurance coverage project, we produce customized insurance that meets every client’s individualized needs. We are the best full-service insurance service business in Scranton, PA, and we earned that reputation by delivering results that leave our clients completely satisfied. We feel that insurance coverage is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Whether you need automobile, residential or commercial insurance services, our dedication to your project includes giving nothing but the best.We oversee every aspect of your insurance protection job, making sure every detail is just the way you want it. Our insurance agents bring their many years of managing experience to our firm and our clients. Our main focus is to achieve the highest level of quality within your budget and project scope, as well as offering you an insurance policy that is both unique and appropriate for you and yours.

The skills and knowledge of our insurance team consist of everyone, from receptionist to our insurance agents. The team effort has proven successful in giving our clients effective insurance policies, a commitment to details, and superior service. To get an insurance policy that serves your personal needs, turn to Bernardi Wilson Insurance.

Whether it is a commercial or residential property, we offer complete insurance coverage that leaves you satisfied. Our Scranton, PA area insurance business specializes in combining insurance coverage, so if you need home and boat insurance, or wholesale and apartment insurance, we’ve got you covered. Over the years, we have built a reputation within the industry for getting highly individual results for our clients. With our insurance services, we craft individual stories that become signature surroundings.

Guided by our clients’ wishes, as well as their diverse life experiences, we design insurance coverage which allows our clients to be fully protected with no worry about every being without insurance. Our staff create insurance policies that get the job done and at insurance costs that are fair to our clients. We are known in the Scranton, PA community for our ability to visualize what our clients want and need, translating those requests into reality.

Our innovative approach has earned us a long client list consisting of a vast number of auto, home, and business owners in the Scranton, PA area. Our insurance coverage creates autos, homes, and businesses that are safe and protected for both our clients and from the environment. We work tirelessly to bring together the concept of having insurance coverage that delivers on giving what you need and taking care of the unexpected realities in life. We feel that excellent insurance protection is a combination of the client and the “what ifs.”

With our Scranton, PA insurance company, you get efficient service, respectable business ethics, and courteous service that let us handle your insurance coverage so that you can enjoy your life. This has been our aim since we started our insurance business six years ago.

We are the foremost insurance company in the Scranton, PA area, which has allowed us to remain focus on giving high-quality insurance protection year after year. We customize your residential, auto, or commercial insurance policy with added options to meet your individual needs.

Every insurance coverage project is as unique as the client. Our devoted insurance agents focus all their attention on each client to ensure that all your requirements are met. If you want superior Scranton, PA insurance coverage for your auto, boat, home, or business, go to Bernardi Wilson Insurance.