About Bernardi Wilson

When the time comes to get insurance for your home, auto, restaurant, store, or RV, Bernardi Wilson Insurance is the only Scranton, PA insurance agency that can provide you with what you need. As a Scranton, PA independent insurance agent, we work for you and not an insurance agency. Moreover, this means that we can work with any of the big-name insurance carriers to give you the insurance policy that will deliver on the most coverage. You will not be dissatisfied with us, since Bernardi Wilson Insurance will give you the best insurance policy possible and in a timely manner. We set ourselves apart from our peers by providing quality service that no other auto, residential, and commercial insurance business in the Scranton, PA area can come close to.

When it comes to insurance coverage, you know what you want for your residence/commercial property, car, RV, boat, or ATV. We will bring our knowledge and ingenuity to creating your insurance policy and guarantee that you will be happy with the end result.

As the most accomplished Scranton, PA insurance business in the area, we have experience in customizing any type of insurance policy. For us at Bernardi Wilson Insurance, no insurance coverage need is too big or small. Our commercial clients have included numerous hospitals, retail stores, bakeries, and other types of commercial properties.

Our business understands that having insurance is imperative. Therefore, when you experience a loss, we work effectively to make sure you get fair, prompt payment and service. The right insurance policy can make you feel more comfortable when you are in your home, business, or boat. Whether you are looking for automobile, home, retail, commercial, or wholesale insurance, Bernardi Wilson Insurance is ready to assist you.