Home Insurance in Scranton

Protecting What Matters Most.

Bernardi Wilson Insurance is dedicated to first-rate customer satisfaction. We realize that it is not enough to just deliver quality home insurance products. Customers have to feel that their requests and wishes are important as well. Our whole staff is professionally trained to provide outstanding customer service. No other insurance company in the Scranton, PA area gives its customers the quality assistance that we deliver.

Home insurance is available with us, regardless if you own a home or you are renting an apartment. Home insurance not only protects you from damage to your property, but it serves as your first line of defense in the unlikely event that someone is injured in your residence or apartment. An effective home insurance policy will pay to get your personal belongings replaced in case of flood or fire.

Our insurance agents gather home insurance quotes from numerous home insurance carriers so you receive the best rates. Our home insurance consultants are capable of answering any questions accurately and give advice on the perfect solution for all home insurance inquiries, regardless of what type of home insurance coverage you are looking for. We specialize in home, auto, and commercial property insurance, and our professionals will provide accurate insurance information. We work with clients to make sure that the whole experience of getting home insurance with us is a pleasant one.

Every insurance agent at Bernardi Wilson Insurance is licensed and possesses several years of experience when it comes to home and business insurance. Clients are always treated with the highest level of courtesy and respect, as our insurance agents work endlessly to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the insurance for your home or business. Thinking about home insurance? Stop by Bernardi Wilson Insurance!