Privacy Policy

Your Security is Our Priority!

At Bernardi Wilson Insurance, we listen to you and provide guidance on what will work for your Scranton, PA residence, commercial property, automobile, or recreation vehicle. We assess your property, as well as take into consideration if you have children, pets, or if you want to include flood insurance or insurance for physical damage. The bottom line is whatever you need, our insurance company delivers individualized insurance policies that won’t leave you hanging.

Our knowledgeable insurance agents possess the skills to give you insurance that will have you happy and content. When we are done putting your insurance policy together, we guarantee you will be highly pleased with our work.

Unlike other Scranton insurance companies, Bernardi Wilson Insurance wants to see that its clients have a gratifying experience working with us. When you hire a company for its service, you deserve the best, and you should expect it when you use Bernardi Wilson Insurance. Whatever type of insurance you desire for your home, business, or vehicle, it will be our pleasure to provide it to you. We work hard to fulfil all of the requests of our clients. No other residential or commercial insurance business in the Scranton, PA area will put as much effort into satisfying their clients as Bernardi Wilson Insurance.

With this being said, we take your privacy seriously. We don’t give out any personal information on our clients to third party businesses, except as the law permits. With compliance to federal regulations, we have many safeguards, making sure that your non-public information is safe at all times. You can keep up with the latest updates in our privacy policy by checking our website.